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Monday, July 4, 2016

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Maintenance Begins Along the Cataraqui Trail

 | 2016/06/17
Various sections of the Cataraqui Trail will be undergoing regular maintenance over the next few weeks. Part of this maintenance will also include the installation of new gates at several locations. At this time no closures will take place but the public is advised to exercise caution in these areas and to observe directions from the workers involved.
The Cataraqui Trail is a 104 km long multi-use trail along a former railway line that goes from Smiths Falls to Strathcona (near Napanee). Permitted uses on the Trail include hiking, cycling, skiing and horseback riding.
Gates along the Cataraqui Trail are open during snowmobile season to allow snowmobilers with a valid permit to use the Trail. They are closed during the balance of the year to keep other motorized vehicles off the Cataraqui Trail. Other than snowmobiles, only authorized maintenance vehicles are allowed to have access to the trail.

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