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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ontario Trails News - we want your input - answer a trails survey today! Help Ontario Trails help you!

Trail Surveys

The OTC is interested in what you think! We have written many 

types of surveys and are pleased to provide links to them 

on this page. 

From such important topics as Trail Trade Specialist to Member 

Services we want you to help us help you!

Click the title below to be redirected to the survey of your choice.
Help Us Help You - website improvement
Upload Your Trail - add your trail to the website
Upload Your Event - add your trail event to the website
Trail Reform Now - legislative and insurance reform support
Trail Trades Specialist- tell us what you'd like to see in a trail trades course
Member Services - are you happy as an OTC member with the services you get?
Strategic Planning 1: - tell us what you'd like the OTC to do
Strategic Planning 2: Financial Sustainability - as a charity we can always use new ideas
to sustain ourselves
Strategic Planning 3: - Effectiveness - how effective are we?
Customer Satisfaction - as a member of the public what do you think of the OTC?
Blue-Green Trails - help us define this unique trail environment
Trailhead Ontario - give us your feedback if you did, or did not attend
Economic Impact of Recreational Trail (ON) - for the Eco Dev/Tourism, Trail Planning office
Insurance Issues - tell us about your ability to get coverage
Trails of 1812 - is your community celebrating our bi-centennial
On-Road Cycling Lane Petition - Norm Miller MPP - download the form here -
(no web link available)
Trail Priorities - September 2016