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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Ontario Trails News - at Trailhead Toronto - wayfinding, classifications, TRCA developments, Toronto Parks and Forestry and more about Ontario's Trails!

Trailhead Toronto - Nov. 24th, Ontario Heritage Centre!

Trailhead Toronto underway. Thanks to Carolyn Woodland and Michael Bender from TRCA for starting us off!

Karen Sun Natural Environmental Planner with City of Toronto talking trail management in the City. Thanks Karen!

Alexandra Brodka speaking on behalf of Hamilton Burlington Trails Committee on the metrics of Hbtc trail use from 18000 uses equal # of dogs and children! what does that mean?

Wendy Strickland speaking on the Chorely Park trail issues and the issues with accessibility in ravines and neighbourhoods

Just want to thank Nekeisha Mohammed for joining us and speaking to the Conservation Ontario Healthy Hike Program! thank you!

Jason Diceman with Wendy Strickland talking about community consultations and AODA processes to make for full community participation thanks for participating!

Thanks to ADM Steve Harlow for supporting Trailhead Toronto by attending and speaking with us today about the trails strategy, trails legislation, the Ontario Trails Coordinating role and the value of the OTC relationship with government and the Ministries trail processes. Thanks!

Mark Schmidt from Parks Canada a world leading expert on frontier spaces and wilderness adventures via national parks trails, speaking at Trailhead Toronto. Thanks Mark!

Many thanks to all the presenters, including Joey Schwartz and Janette Harvey from Toronto Bicycling Network and the City of Toronto, Thanks to Terri LeRoux for attending and giving up her speaking spot in deference to time, as well as to Ontario Heritage Centre for a great venue and super staff service.