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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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Make Sure to Check the Event Calendar

Located at the bottom of this page our event calendar shows weekely adjustments to our course offerings. This week we have added another date for Volunteer Management with Diana Smyth and adjusted out two courses from this current week.

In addtion we have added the new Trail Design Course detailed below. We have also taken calls from some folks wishing to take the Trails Marketing Course in KIngston October 18, 2012. Those seats were block purchased by RTO9, what we acould do is work with you to get another RTO 1-or 4- or 7? to purchase a block of seats so that folks can attend in those areas. Sorry for any confusion this may cause. Thank you.

Be sure to use our array of press or other flyers to circulate to your local papers or possible attendees. All available for use - call - 877-668-7245 or 519-941-8911, or 1-866-560-7783

Trail Building - October 3-4, 2012

The Ontario Trails Council and the Ontario Trails Education Program, in conjunction with International Mountain Bicycling Association (ON) are pleased to announce the decison to offer the highly recognized and nationally respected IMBA Trailbuilding Program, as part of its Trail Education Course offerings in Ontario. We are currently working to hold our first course on October 3-4. Please save the date.

ontario trails edcuation courses

Daniel Scott from IMBA writes, "Students will come away with a firm understanding of the fundamentals of trail design for both hard surface and naturally surfaced trails of various user types. A working knowledge of the design process from the planning phase to ground proofing trail alignments will be both discussed and experienced with examples and a field exercise which will include using field measurement equipment and flagging a trail alignment for construction."

Program elements include:

IMBA will provide for a two day workshop educating on the following elements
• Sustainable Trail Design – Making sure it lasts using various techniques:
• 5 Elements of Sustainable Design - Micro trail design - the fundamentals for bench cut
• Bench cut Trail vs. Raised Tread Trail - when is each appropriate
• 13 Steps to Trail Planning - Macro trail design - how one trail fits within a larger system
• Art of Trail Design - User psychology and design theory in the natural landscape
• Trail Closure & Rehabilitation - Mitigating reroutes & closures through design & signage
• Advanced Design & Construction Techniques – Building in challenging locations:
• Wooden Structures - intro to various techniques and how to design for users types
• Rock Armouring - intro to various techniques and how to design for users types
• Technical Trail Features - Designing trail features specific to various user groups
• Turns - Climbing, In sloped & Switchback - which turns is appropriate for who & where?

Or contact: Graham Burke, Ontario Trails Council

Or contact: Shelley May, Ontario Parks Association

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Instructor: Daniel Scott

"With over 10 years of experience in trails throughout North America, Daniel Scott’s background in the world of trail design is extensive. Daniel is graduate of the University of Guelph's School of Landscape Architecture where he focused his studies on infrastructure for alternative methods of transportation and outdoor recreational landscapes. He also holds a certificate in Mountain Bike Operations from Capilano University. When not teaching at Capilano University or Sir Sandford Fleming College, Daniel spearheads the International Mountain Bicycling Association Canada's consulting service, Trail Solutions. Within this role, Daniel divides his time between providing major land managers such as Parks Canada with staff training, designing trail systems nationwide and advocating for mountain bicycling as a valuable form of recreation.

Ontario Trails Education


September 27, 2012
Planning and Budgetting

This course aims to provide community trails organizations with the tools and skills required to accurately estimate the capital costs of construction and the ongoing operating costs for publicly‐accessible trails.
Course Details: This course would be delivered as a one day, 7 hour program. At the end of the module, participants should have an understanding of the elements that constitute a capital budget for trails construction as well as the elements that constitute an ongoing operations budget for trails operations. They should also understand the differences between the various levels of trails that might be constructed and the types of usage that each kind of trail can accommodate.
Attendees should leave the session with an understanding of how to accurately project both the capital costs of constructing new trails and the ongoing operating costs of maintaining them after they are completed.

Or contact: Graham Burke, Ontario Trails Council

Or contact: Shelley May, Ontario Parks Association

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Instructor: Bob MacFarland

Bob McFarland, retired municipal Director of Parks and Recreation -­‐ Bob graduated from Ryerson’s Radio and Television Arts Program and the University of Montreal’s Bachelor of Communication Arts program before beginning a ten year career in television, film and theatre production. 

In 1981 he joined his first municipality managing a community performing arts centre. Bob’s career saw him employed by 5 different municipalities in Alberta and Ontario before retirement in 2011.   Bob was on the board of the Ontario Parks Association several times holding the roles of Vice-­‐President and Treasurer during that time.


September 29, 2012
Technology and Trails

This course will examine the current technologies available for trail related planning and management purposes (cells phones, smart phones, hand-­‐held GIS GPS units, and more). 

The course will address such issues as what types of information need to be collected, how best to capture and store the information, and how different technologies interact. Time will also be spent in the field learning how to use and apply data collected from hand-­‐held GIS-­‐GPS units.


Or contact: Graham Burke, Ontario Trails Council

Or contact: Shelley May, Ontario Parks Association

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Instructor: Rick Gray

Rick brings many years of experience and formal education in the field of GIS and GPS technology to the forefront for this course.  He holds his B.Sc (Env) from the University of Guelph, an M.Sc in Environmental Biology from the U of G, and is a certified GIS Applications specialist (Sir Sandford Fleming). Rick has been teaching GIS and GPS at the University of Guelph for nine years. He is also a member of the Chatham Kent Trail Council in Chatham Kent Ontario.


October 18, 2012
Trail Marketing and Promotion:

For Residents of The Great Waterway Only Please

This course will provide participants with the tools to understand and execute the fundamentals of sound trail marketing.

This course is a one day, 7 hour training session that will impart participants with an understanding of the principles of marketing and promotion and how they can be applied directly to trails.

Topics that will be covered in this session include: general marketing and promotional techniques, the basics of evaluating the market readiness of a trail, the needs of a market ready trail, the value of clustering trails, how to market a trail to one user vs another, how to mobilize local tourism and economic development departments as well as regional tourism organizations, how to establish a relationship with operators, ideas for incorporating marketing and promotion into local and regional tourism plans.


Or contact: Graham Burke, Ontario Trails Council

Or contact: Shelley May, Ontario Parks Association

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Instructor: Chris Hughes

Chris has a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo and has been marketing Bruce County as ‘Ontario‘s Natural Retreat’ since 2000. An industry leader in experienced based marketing, Chris has developed several successful campaigns that appeal to the hearts of the outdoor touring enthusiast.  Whether it is riding his motorcycle on the twisty backroads of the Bruce or riding the legendary Bruce County singletrack on his mountain bike,


November 28, 29, 2012
Trail Risk Management

Managing risk is probably one of the most important and frequently discussed aspects of trail development. This course will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the elements associated with managing risk as it pertains to trail development and operations. It will also provide participants with the tools required to implement solid risk management program upon returning to their communities.

This course will provide a comprehensive overview of the elements associated with managing risks related to trail planning, development and management.

Topics will include:
•     Introduction and Overview, Developing a Risk Management Framework
•     The Canadian and Ontario Legal Systems Negligence and Liability
•     The Law and Trails, Insurance and the Transfer of Risk
•     Occupational Health and Safety
•     Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)
•     HIRA Application on the Trail
•     On the Trail Again
•     Risk Assessment Assignment to work on at home with guidance
from the instructor.


Or contact: Graham Burke, Ontario Trails Council

Or contact: Shelley May, Ontario Parks Association

Learn more at

Instructor: Direct Bearing, with Matt Crutchet

Matt Cruchet founded Direct Bearing Incorporated as a vehicle to help organizations navigate risk. Matt’s strengths lie in operational assessment where he uses his experience in the not-­‐for-­‐profit, youth-­‐service, adventure travel, natural resources and emergency planning industries to evaluate and manage risk. Matt is a recognized outdoor risk management expert, consultant, author and speaker.  Direct Bearing Incorporated has
also worked with over 100 other organizations ranging from youth service groups, camps, natural resource companies, adventure tourism.

Please join us Friday Sep 21 to Sunday Sep 23, 2012 for COEO's special 40th Anniversary conference at Camp Pinecrest.

Our theme, “Honouring Roots...Standing Tall...Branching Out!” reflects our commitment to create a unique conference framework within which many of COEO's original “elders” and long-time “sustainers” will be personally invited to return to share in the celebration of:
a) how our organization was born and nurtured,
b) its current “best practices”, and
c) what it is already in the process of becoming!

Location: YMCA Camp Pine Crest


Register Online

Regular Member $250
Student/Retiree $215

The Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario (COEO) is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that promotes safe and high quality outdoor education experiences for people of all ages. It also acts as a professional body for outdoor educators in the province of Ontario. These aims are achieved through publishing Pathways: The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education as well as an electronic newsletter, running an annual conference and regional workshops, maintaining this web site, and working with kindred organizations as well as government agencies. 

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