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Friday, April 12, 2013

Ontario Trails Council - News about Ontario Trails!

Weekly E-Bulletin of the Ontario Trails Council. The provincial trails association in Ontario. Week of April 11, 2013
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Ontario Trails News - Spring Message

At this time of Year - Please restrain Motorized and Equestrian use on Soft Soils. Thanks

Trail Questions
1) Do you have a trail naming protocol? Yesterday we heard from Lake Laurentian Conservation Authority and they asked if Ontario Trails had a trail naming protocol - river trail near rivers, loop trail for loops, or how you name a trail in particular environments - rural, urban, town and country, forest etc. If you have a protocol if you could send to: Natalie Webster, M.Sc.
Community Stewardship/Partnership Specialist Conservation Sudbury Email:

2) Question: Hunting along rail trails. In the Game and Fish Act...Section18 (10) and no such patentee, owner or tenant shall prohibit any person from hunting or fishing on the railway lands. Definition (11) “railway lands” includes all lands set apart under any Act as a land subsidy or otherwise in aid of any railway or of any works in connection therewith or of any works to be established, maintained or carried on by any railway. R.S.O. 1990, c. G.1, s. 18 (10, 11). So if its a trail and not a railway this "free hunting access"doesn't apply? Please e-mail me with your interpretation or how you manage this on your rail trail. Thanks

3) Crowd-sourcing? Are any of you or your groups doing this -  If so how are you reaching the Crowd? Just comment to

Trails Education - Select a Program!
We have updated the program and our 14 module program is here for the using. If you have staff to train, trails to manage or want a session in your area on a particular topic let us know. We'll coordinate a session or series on your behalf.
Volunteer Management View PDF
Business Planning and Budgetting View PDF
Regulation and Legislation View PDF
Ecosystem and Natural Heritage View PDF
Wilderness First Aid View PDF
Food and Nutrition View PDF
Marketing and Promotion View PDF
Health and Safety View PDF
Technology for Trails - Level 1 View PDF
Trail Design (2 days) View PDF
Trail Risk Management View PDF
Trail Committee Development Manual
Trail Steward- On Line Learning Program
Trail Planning - On Line Program

Trails Insurance Program AvailableOnce again, members of the trails community find themselves seeking alternative trails insurance. The volatility and unpredictability of your insurance plan keeping you hopping? Wondering what you are getting, curious if your agent or the underwriter understands trails?
If you want:
  • cost stability
  • product assurance
  • insurance perseverance
  • a broker that understands trails
At OTC our mission is "trail preservation." See the note from Intercity Insurance, Mike King, below.

intercity insurance
Further to our recent discussions, I wanted to let you know that we have investigated various markets to get a sense of the appetite that insurers have for coverage associated with trails. Our findings suggest that coverage is available - but from a very limited number of carriers and that the cost of insurance in this class is not heading down anytime soon. The reality is that there have been losses associated with trails in general and that the frequency and severity of claims is on the rise.

On the positive side of the issue, we have had several specific discussions of late with our current carriers at Lloyd's of London and we are (collectively) very interested in ramping up our work with OTC to connect with your associates who manage trails. We and the insurers we represent are firm in our commitment to work collaboratively with the OTC trail community to develop a comprehensive risk management strategy that makes sense - and insurance is just one part of that strategy.

As for what trail insurance products we have "in the box” right now:

a)       Commercial General Liability coverage —premium costs start at $1,000.00 for $2,000,000 coverage.
b)      Directors and Officers liability coverage — premium costs start at $200.00 for $I,000,000 coverage. We find that even the smallest community group is seeing the importance of acquiring D and O coverage.
c)       Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage - premiums start at $250. 00 to cover the Officers, Directors, employees, members. The limit of coverage is $100,000.

In the near future OTC will be bundling these products as a part of membership services and products.
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