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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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More bike lanes outside GTA
Toronto Star
There are more bike lanes in the GTA than in all of Ontario. You would think that once you get outside of the GTA it would be paradise for cyclists, but not so. About 10 years ago I was living about two miles outside of Fenelon Falls and would enjoy ...
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This summer's best DIY fun
NOW Magazine
You're on your bike between May and October, so learn to navigate properly at Cycle Toronto's free Street Smarts workshops ( to June 15 at various locations. Once you've mastered the roads, fine-tune your vessel. Bike Pirates (bikepirates ...
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Geocaching boom fuels new field of tourism for savvy promoters
Toronto Star
Some tourism groups have watched the geocaching trend blossom over the past ... that area,” says John Robb, president of the Ontario Geocaching Association. 

Designing cities for better health: If you build it, they will walk
Globe and Mail
Many Canadian cities have also officially adopted the new urban planning thinking, especially Toronto, where the public health department released a report in 2011 on how communities shape the health of residents, and Vancouver, which is also a strong ...
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These downtown signs are made for walking
St. Catharines Standard
OK, I recognize the dangers of speaking about downtown Toronto and downtown St. Catharines in the same breath. Not exactly comparing apples to apples. More like watermelons to plums. But there's a principle here that applies to both. Walking is a good ...
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Ontario conservation group fears endangered species taking back seat to ...
Toronto Star
Wildlands League, a leading Ontario conservation agency, resigned from the Endangered Species Act Panel earlier this week and wrote to Premier Kathleen Wynne outlining its concerns. “If the regulations your government is about to enact go forward as ...
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Ottawa to celebrate 'Horse Day' on June 1
The day will begin with a horse-drawn wagon ride taking guests from the parking ... Search and Rescue team – Ontario's first mounted search and rescue unit.

Butter Tart Trail advocates seek 'cease and desist order' for trademark ...
Wellington Advertiser
“We feel that's an infringement of our Butter Tart Trail,” Marshall said. The township has Toronto-based Dimock Stratton, a law firm specializing in trademark cases, handling the issue. Despite the two different names, Marshall feels “it is the same ...

PELHAM: Town earns coveted 'Bike Friendly' designation
Bullet News Niagara
Pelham resident and working group member David Hunt was also honoured during the 2013 Ontario Bike Summit by the Share the Road Cycling Coalition for his advocacy, leadership and dedication to “Building Bicycle Friendly Communities” in Ontario.
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New Rules for Species at Risk Protection

May 31, 2013

Ontario Moves Forward with Protection for 65 More Endangered Species

Ontario is simplifying rules for landowners, municipalities and businesses under its Endangered Species Act (ESA), while maintaining its place as a North American leader in species protection. On July 1, Ontario is streamlining its approach to species at risk protection by implementing standardized rules and an online registry for certain low-risk activities.
The changes include:
  • Making it easier for volunteers and researchers to undertake projects that protect endangered species
  • Simplifying requirements for municipalities to carry out activities that protect human health and safety, such as road repairs
  • A time-limited transition provision that will allow projects currently in development to continue while mitigating adverse effects on endangered species
  • Harmonizing requirements under the Endangered Species Act and Crown Forest Sustainability Act to preserve protection while avoiding overlap
The existing approval process remains for all other activities. The Province will continue to ensure compliance through education and outreach, as well as monitoring, auditing and enforcement.
Protecting Ontario's biodiversity is part of the Ontario government's plan to ensure a healthy environment for future generations.


  • On July 1, 65 more species will benefit from habitat protection. Ontario protects about 150 threatened and endangered species, including polar bear, chimney swift, butternut and wolverine.
  • For July 1, a new species at risk website will be launched to provide easy-to-access information to help users comply with the Endangered Species Act.
  • An example of low-risk activities includes a landowner who wants to cut down an endangered butternut tree. The landowner will be able to register and plant additional butternut elsewhere, which is faster and simpler than going through an application process.
  • Since 2007, Ontario's Species at Risk Stewardship Fund has supported more than 600 protection and recovery projects and restored more than 24,000 hectares of habitat.
  • Ontario helps protect the province's biodiversity, including fragile ecosystems and species at risk, by supporting the Invasive Species Centre, the only one of its kind in Canada.


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