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Monday, March 23, 2015

Ontario Trails news - an excellent winter season on snowmobile trails, find your favorite Ontario Trail!

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Excellent year on the trails 2

By PJ WILSON, The Nugget
This winter has been “awesome” for snowmobilers in the North Bay area.

And if Mother Nature co-operates, it could last a bit longer.
“It all depends on what happens Monday,” Shawn Flindall, a director with the North Bay Snowmobilers Club, said Sunday.
“In the typical year, the trails close down by the start of March break. But we might get another week or 10 days out of it.”
The snowmobile club, which operates almost 300 kilometres of trails across the region, has downgraded its trails to yellow from green. That means there could be exposed soil, puddles or other impediments to snowmobilers.
“We’re just saying to use additional caution,” he said. “The trails are still good.”
Temperatures Sunday climbed to about 7C, which Flindall admitted can play havoc with south-facing slopes. The mercury is expected to rise to 5C today, before going down to below zero for the rest of the March break.
“If we can get through the mild weather on Monday, we can get the groomers out again to groom the trails” this week.
“There are a few bad spots.”
He said most trails in southern Ontario have closed for the season, and snowmobilers from other parts of the province have been e-mailing the local club to find out what conditions are like in this area.
“This past week we’ve been getting five to 10 e-mails a day, every day, from people down south asking if there is good riding,” he said.