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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ontario Trails - Ski, Sled, Hike, Bike or Paddle Ontario's Trails

Join us for Our Trails Think-tank - the new Ontario Recreational Policy and it's impact on Trails - The re-alignment of tourism destination marketing organizations and their implementation of a trail tourism economy inspired sessions on Trail Tourism - bring your RTO to our roundtable! UPDATE: We are starting this process with a meeting in RTO 7, February 23rd, 2012.  

SAY YES to TRAILS - bring your elected officials to this event. While here they will learn about the economic, health, and social benefits of trails. Teach them how to create jobs, safer communities and have a healthier population when they SAY YES to TRAILS! UPDATE We are e-mailing clerks and sent letters, we ask the membership to follow-up and enquire who will be attending from their area.  

New for 2012 – The Ontario Trails Council has developed a comprehensive 14 part, trail education program. Supported by members and the Ontario Trillium Foundation OTC will be offering on trail site education for at least one full day. This compliments the conferencing on day one. Watch the program content section for updates as our program is developed! UPDATE Day 3, June 19th will see trails training on-site. We are running our first two courses by the end of February. Watch Ontario Trails Education and Skills Development Program for dates. 

Ontario Trails Courses
Oxford County Trails Committee –Interactive trails? We’ve got them and we are going to show at least 3 different trails tourism variations to participants. Heritage and Trails, Nature and Trails and Eco-Tourism Trails. There are three significant trail developments underway in SW Ontario, the Canadian Southern Rail to Trail Conversion, the Development of the Carolinian Canada Coalition/Lake Erie Waterfront and the Guelph to Goderich Greenway – each is emblematic of network trails and best use of unused lands – trails! UPDATE Time adjusted June 18 - 3pm to 8pm extended for your participation!

Register Today - Register now, pay later - you can register to pay at the event or by sending a cheque. However the hotel will be looking for another instalment payment and it would be nice to hold this from some registrations. Single day, two day and three day packages available - booths, tables and floor space too! We are looking for coffee break sponsors. Call or email us today. Thanks!

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